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UX Designer @ Tyk. Kiwi living in Ireland |

Struggling with imposter syndrome is common in the design world. Here is my story of how I overcame it.

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In my performance review last year, I wrote my 6-month career goal to ‘be the best version of me’.

I know how I want to work and the processes I want to put in place with my work which will make me feel like I’m “succeeding” as a UX designer…

Your first feedback call can be nerve-wracking, but it doesn’t have to be! These are the steps I took to set myself up for a successful call.

Woman writing down her research plan.
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It was a few weeks since our new product release, so the perfect time to initiate a conversation with our first onboarded client. I’d been working on the product as a UX Designer for a few months so had a pretty decent lay of the land and was excited to…

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The hot topic when applying for a UX position is usually around how to create a stellar portfolio. And while your portfolio holds a lot of weight in getting you over that first hurdle, it’s not the end of the journey. …

When it comes to updating your portfolio, it’s often a time-consuming admin task — but it doesn’t have to be if you start a work journal.

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I’m not sure about you, but I sometimes find it challenging to remember what I worked on yesterday, let alone what I worked on a few weeks ago. …

Products and services all over the world are working alongside their users and customers to help create awesome experiences, but are we forgetting the same empathy in our personal lives?

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You don’t need to have the word ‘UX’ in your job title to be actively thinking about user experience — every single interaction in your day accounts for a user, or better yet, a human experience. …

Finding a job in a new city can be tough, but moving overseas and landing a role reveals new challenges like culture and networking. This is an account of my experiences, plus some advice to give you a head start in your journey.

View out an airplane window overlooking a city.
The excitement of seeing your new city from the sky. Photo by Fidel Fernando on Unsplash

In the last six years I’ve moved…

It’s one thing to know the right questions to ask your users, but are you asking questions to fully understand the product you’re working on?

Before starting at Tyk as a UX Designer, I thought I was good at questioning. Now, after nearly 8 months, I feel like a questioning machine. …

Choosing where to work is never black and white. Even comparing an agency and an in-house product UX role isn’t straight forward because of the internal factors that can influence both. …

People have been forced into remote positions due to the global pandemic, but some of us chose to go remote even before the term ‘social distancing’ was coined.

Illustration of woman sitting at a desk working in her backyard.

I started my first remote role as a UX Designer at Tyk in October 2019. You may ask, “How does being a remote UX Designer work? Is it possible? Can I be successful?” Well, I’m here to tell you yes, it can work! …

Illustration of a book titled Digital Designer, but Digital is crossed out and replaced with UX

The last time I published an article was September 2018 about tips for transitioning from a print to a digital designer. In the near 2 years since I’ve gone from a digital to a UX designer! …

Emma Campbell

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