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UX Designer @ Tyk. Kiwi living in Ireland |
Photo by Siora Photography on Unsplash

In my performance review last year, I wrote my 6-month career goal to ‘be the best version of me’.

I know how I want to work and the processes I want to put in place with my work which will make me feel like I’m “succeeding” as a UX designer. It might help to create myself a menu of the minimum things I’d like to be doing for each workflow I tackle to ensure I’m keeping on track with this.

My manager questioned me as it definitely wasn’t a SMART goal; it was more of a me goal. I didn’t…

Woman writing down her research plan.
Woman writing down her research plan.
Photo by J. Kelly Brito on Unsplash

It was a few weeks since our new product release, so the perfect time to initiate a conversation with our first onboarded client. I’d been working on the product as a UX Designer for a few months so had a pretty decent lay of the land and was excited to receive feedback. We’re very fortunate to have a UX Researcher on the team, and I immediately looked to her to run the call. …

Tyk’s UX Architect, Sophie Riches | Image by

The hot topic when applying for a UX position is usually around how to create a stellar portfolio. And while your portfolio holds a lot of weight in getting you over that first hurdle, it’s not the end of the journey. With a new UX Designer position opening at Tyk, I chatted with UX Architect, Sophie Riches, to find out what she looks for during the UX hiring process and how it’s structured at Tyk.

We’ll be covering 4 parts:

  • CV/Resume
  • Portfolio
  • Interview
  • Collaboration Workshop

What impact can a CV have?

Your CV is often the first touchpoint I’ll have, and if it’s formatted nicely, I’ll…

Woman sitting at a laptop typing.
Woman sitting at a laptop typing.
Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

I’m not sure about you, but I sometimes find it challenging to remember what I worked on yesterday, let alone what I worked on a few weeks ago. It’s incredibly difficult when you work in-house on a product as there is often no clearly defined lines to say what you did and didn’t do compared to agency work where it’s easy to see where one client begins and ends.

Like most of you, I’d like to keep my portfolio up to date to show everyone what I’ve been working on and what processes I’m using to solve problems. …

Person standing in front of a large world globe.
Person standing in front of a large world globe.
Photo by Patrick Robert Doyle on Unsplash

You don’t need to have the word ‘UX’ in your job title to be actively thinking about user experience — every single interaction in your day accounts for a user, or better yet, a human experience. An architect considers how a person uses space when planning a house, a retail assistant greets a customer at the door to make them welcome or you add a new plant to your room so you feel more positive at home.

UX has become a buzz word in recent years with the emergence of technology as more businesses look to hire dedicated individuals to…

Finding a job in a new city can be tough, but moving overseas and landing a role reveals new challenges like culture and networking. This is an account of my experiences, plus some advice to give you a head start in your journey.

View out an airplane window overlooking a city.
View out an airplane window overlooking a city.
The excitement of seeing your new city from the sky. Photo by Fidel Fernando on Unsplash

In the last six years I’ve moved from New Zealand > Portland, Oregon > New Zealand > Belfast, Northern Ireland. I was in very different life stages with each move but was able to use some similar tactics to help me look for a role each time.

My first move was from New Zealand to Portland, Oregon.

I’d graduated from university with a Bachelor of Design (majoring…

Before starting at Tyk as a UX Designer, I thought I was good at questioning. Now, after nearly 8 months, I feel like a questioning machine. I’m in a unique position where I am definitely not our user and I’ll be the first to admit that I couldn’t tell you all of the ins and outs of our product.

To give some background, Tyk is an API and service management platform and our users are in the Engineer, API Product Owner and Architect spectrum. A spectrum that I am not within. …

Choosing where to work is never black and white. Even comparing an agency and an in-house product UX role isn’t straight forward because of the internal factors that can influence both. An in-house UX role can be dramatically different in a small company compared to a large, or even working on an e-commerce product compared to a healthcare product.

When I started thinking about this topic my instinct was to list all the negatives for each environment. …

Illustration of woman sitting at a desk working in her backyard.
Illustration of woman sitting at a desk working in her backyard.

I started my first remote role as a UX Designer at Tyk in October 2019. You may ask, “How does being a remote UX Designer work? Is it possible? Can I be successful?” Well, I’m here to tell you yes, it can work! There are a lot of new normals that you’ll need to adjust to, but if you and your company have the right attitude towards remote work then it can definitely enable you to grow your career.

What does it take to be a remote UX Designer?

You are the first obstacle when it comes to adjusting from an office worker to a remote worker. …

Illustration of a book titled Digital Designer, but Digital is crossed out and replaced with UX
Illustration of a book titled Digital Designer, but Digital is crossed out and replaced with UX

The last time I published an article was September 2018 about tips for transitioning from a print to a digital designer. In the near 2 years since I’ve gone from a digital to a UX designer! I’ve been wanting to jump onto the writing wagon so thought it was only appropriate to start by sharing my experience of entering into the world of UX.

To give a bit of context, I come from a graphic design background and figured that print would be my life. After completing a Bachelor of Design (majoring in graphic design), I spent a year working…

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