• Alex Papadopoulos

    Alex Papadopoulos

    PhD Adventurer, UX Designer, Full-Time advocate of making the world suck less.

  • Grace Snow

    Grace Snow

    UX designer & front end developer in Liverpool, UK. I’m always studying and seeking to improve my skills. Join me on the learning journey…

  • Mckenzie Peterson

    Mckenzie Peterson

    UX Designer. Visual Artist. Georgia, USA. Twitter: @Kenzie13M

  • Ryan M. Danks

    Ryan M. Danks

    Kindle Short Reads author / martial arts fanatic / host of The Intrepid Journal. ryanmdanks.com

  • Szu-Yu Yang

    Szu-Yu Yang

    A Product Designer who is passionate to create experiences that are accessible & meaningful for both users and businesses. Portfolio: https://szuyuyang.design/

  • Ed Dillon

    Ed Dillon

    UK based Designer. Join me as I journal explorations in design. Find me on LinkedIn > www.linkedin.com/in/ed-dillon/ or my website epdillon.com

  • Yulia Che

    Yulia Che

  • Megan Lenz

    Megan Lenz

    Young woman trying to figure it all out. Musings about finding and following my passions.

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